Adrienne Landau's Statement

The thrill of breaking rules, the appreciation for natural elements, combined with imagination, science, politics and spirituality, compose the works of ADRIENNE LANDAU. Metallic hues, natural particles, oil paints, lacquers, crushed glass, and even polyurethane, are used to convey ideas and thoughts about the creation and current state of the earth, the cosmos and life itself.

About the Artist

Adrienne Landau, a free-spirited New York City native, started her career in the arts as a painter in the 1970s. Landau went on to show her art at Hundred Acres Gallery, owned by renowned art dealer and gallery owner, Ivan Karp. Karp helped find, popularize and market Pop artists like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg. At Hundred Acres, Adrienne Landau, along with her friend Judy Levy, showcased the first reality show ever in an exhibit titled, The Judy and Adrienne Show. It consisted of “baby pictures, tiny teeth that were once slipped under the pillow for the ‘Tooth Fairy,’ diaries, autograph books, camp pictures, report cards, Sweet Sixteen party menus, love letters, pressed corsages, college rejection letters, wedding gowns and Mexican divorce papers.”, as reported by the New York Times. “The exhibit covers most ‘major events’ in the women's lives, with a heavy concentration from 1955 to 1965.” Due to its uniqueness and progressive nature, the exhibit gained popularity and both artists received print and even TV coverage.


A former painting major at the Tyler School of Art, and having studied art in Rome, Adrienne Landau always felt passionate about expressing herself on canvas, and carried on with her career in the arts after The Judy & Adrienne Show exhibited at Hundred Acres Gallery by continuing to paint. Landau then began a series of opulent abstract compositions which demonstrate her free-spirited nature and European influence in her work. “These paintings tell a story.”, says Landau. “It’s what I’ve been doing since the 70s.” In the 1980s, the painter merged her passion for art by launching her namesake fashion label, ADRIENNE LANDAU, which is constantly featured in the top fashion publications worldwide, and donned by celebrities like Beyoncé, Madonna, Bella Hadid, Nicki Minaj, Taraji P. Henson, Ashley Graham, Gigi Gorgeous and many others. Through the years, Landau has told many stories through her art and continues to do so today. “In today’s world, as a woman of immigrant parents, it is important for me to continue telling my story and expressing myself through any media, regardless of any frontier set up by man.”, says Landau. “This is what my art is about.”


For the full New York Times article on The Judy and Adrienne Show, please click here: 

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Earthy, 2016

60" x 80" Metallic powders, diamond dust, oil, charcoal, polyurethane, lacquer, glass, metal